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A.Renee Fashion LLC offers a unique fashion experience. A.Renee Fashion clientele are guaranteed a garment that is unique to them. Whether it is a piece from our collections or custom made for you, we focus on the quality of work as well as our clients’ experience. A. Renee also offers exclusive handmade jewelry and accessories.


A.Renee Fashion Collections

Altered Allure

This collection embraces the change in beauty and goes beyond all beauty standards. It embraces the natural, standard and chaotic beauty. Whether it's a person, place, thing or architecture, you'll see these themes encompassed in this collection.  

Elevation Collection 

The Elevation Collection debuted during London Fashion Week. This collection features luxurious fabrics such as wool, and was highlighted by beautiful hues of blush, gold, and strawberry. 

Inspired Collection

The Inspired Collection was named in honor of Ashleigh Renee's late grandmother. Because her grandmother inspired her so much throughout her life, she decided to name her latest collection after her grandmother. Blue was her grandmother's favorite color, so it is the foundation of this collection.

Custom Dresses for Prom

Made-to-order, unique, one-of-a-kind. 


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